Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) is the integration of digital overlays to enhance the physical world around us.


Prepare your child for the virtual future with AR courses from BALC.

augmented reality


Alongside AI and automation, Augmented Reality (AR) for years has been advertise as technologies that will have a greatly transformative effect on the way we live and work. In our AR for kids specifically learn to code program. They not only learn how to make cool video games, they will also learn concepts and AR tools that will teach them to generally create their own immersive augmented experiences. Also learn about developing skills that will prepare them to capitalize on the pervasive technologies that shapes our future.

AR may be best known in the gaming industry, however AR apps have broader applications than just gaming. As we see more about how AR can shape our experiences of the world, this new technology could create an opportunity for safer training, build more authentic vault for digital information, and turn virtual objects into the next big thing.

Build your thrust with courses designed to give you the fundamentals. AR devices are getting more common, and soon, you may not remember what it was like without AR features. Explore how creating these augmented reality experiences could jumpstart your career and help shape the next big wearable.



Augmented Reality is arguably the biggest disruptive force in the world today. Moreover it is playing a significant role in almost all aspects of life. Little coders could be on the front lines of this revolution. Moreover programming languages are the building blocks of nearly all the tech we use today.

If you want to get your child from off the couch and make them learn about one of the most rapidly developing and impactful areas of technology AR, then join them in Brighture Advanced Learning Centre.

BALC Augmented Reality courses has been reported to have several benefits such as improving coordination, problem-solving skills, brain speed, enhancing memory and multi-tasking skills.